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Designing Dishes

Don’t have time to put together a menu? Nothing simpler. Our nutritionists will arrange them for you!

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Our offer

Don’t have time to put together a menu? Nothing simpler. Our nutritionists will arrange them for you!
Diversified menu

No one likes monotony on a plate, especially catering clients. Let us help you design the perfect varied menu.

Tasty and proven recipes

The biggest advantage of catering is delicious food. With our menu, it will also be healthy, balanced and… aesthetically pleasing!

Balanced diets

Diets are supposed to be not only tasty, but also balanced. A healthy customer is a satisfied customer!

Entry of all
data into Caterings

You don’t want to click through hundreds of ingredients and recipes/ We’ll do it for you!

Calculated average
food cost

With our features you will effectively calculate the average food cost.

Precise lists
goods requirements

Our algorithms are working full steam ahead, calculating precise lists of commodity requirements.

your menu


Frequently asked questions about designing dishes

Preparation of your menu can take from a few to a maximum of 10 working days.

Yes, our meals are not only tasty and healthy. At Caterings, we make sure that the entire process of preparing and packing meals is as efficient as possible. We avoid recipes at the highest level of complexity, which would significantly burden the work system.

Yes, we can perform the service of entering the menu into your admin panel right away.

To see a sample implementation, contact our Sales Department.

Contact our Sales Department so that we can offer you a favorable solution. 

Yes. Dishes with meat for vege diets, etc. will not be scheduled. Parameters are determined in the system and on each diet.

Yes. The function is unlikely to be able to fully replace the nutritionist. Its purpose is to significantly speed up his work and make it easier.

Based on defined parameters, and randomly. One of the parameters for automatic scheduling is the ability to set a condition that a dish cannot be used, for example, within 20 days of today’s date.

Yes, in addition to the name of the dish, customers can see its macro ingredient values and what allergens it has. This also allows them to change to another dish if the basic menu does not meet their expectations.


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