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Want to take your meal kit to the next level?

Want to take your catering to the next level? Let’s get together! At the meeting, we will present the most interesting features of the Caterings system and show you how it can help your catering business reach a higher level of business organization.

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Customer Support

Caterings customer support

What does support consist of at Caterings? We offer several forms of customer contact, starting with assistance from our consultants. The support department adapts to customer needs and offers real-time assistance. This means that your catering staff can count on the fastest possible support. Most importantly, we do not solve our customers’ problems with chatbots, so the effectiveness of Caterings’ support is rated very highly by our customers.

support center

  • Help articles

  • Consultant support
  • Handling requests

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Each customer is given access to a chat room, through which they can report any problems directly to our consultants and get information on nagging questions.


Roadmap is where our customers monitor the status of work on ideas for improving our system. It looks like a timeline of work and deals with, for example, the introduction of new features to the Caterings system.


LiveChat support
07:00 – 17:00 UTC 1:00


Dedicated guardian
for each of the clients

Constant monitoring of the
application and servers (uptime
robot, zabbix, sentry)

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