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Together with Caterings, you’ll create a customer-focused and efficient diet catering service

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Caterings helps dieters avoid mistakes

Never again will your catering include a dish with meat in a vegetarian diet or containing dairy in a lactose-free diet. Thanks to the intelligent features in the Caterings system, the dietitian has an easier job and the risk of making a mistake is minimized to zero. This significantly simplifies and speeds up work while ensuring higher quality.

If the planned menu exceeds the foodcost assumptions for the diet and its variant alert the dietician!

If there is a dish in the diet that contains an unacceptable ingredient and/or allergen and/or ingredient category then alert the dietitian!

If the planned diet does not meet its nutritional proportions (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) then alert the nutritionist!

dietetic features
High food cost? With Caterings you can forget about it! We will show you how to plan your expenses effectively.


Buy exactly as much,
as much as you need

Our smart solutions allow you to make sure you don’t waste food by buying exactly what you need.

The system shows how many diets are currently ordered vs. how many were in the last days or on the corresponding day last week. It then calculates how much more goods should be ordered.

With a large and varied production (as we face in diet catering), losses will always occur, and it is impossible to achieve an ideal state. However, such a state should be pursued in order to minimize the occurrence of losses. To facilitate this process in the Caterings system, it is possible to simply and conveniently mark losses from a given day, after which we can jointly analyze the causes of these losses and look for solutions.

Thanks to the integration with the fakturownia.pl system, it is possible to download product prices directly from invoices and update the price of the component.

The system generates a clear shopping list on which you can see how much of which ingredient exactly you need to order, the estimated cost and from which wholesaler you need to make this order.

Caterings not only takes into account the cost of ingredients but also the cost of containers, bags, deliveries and even staff time (*additional „Tasks” module)

supply features


Work efficiently in the kitchen with checklists

Caterings is a range of solutions that will streamline the collaboration between procurement, kitchen and packaging and reduce the risk of error to a minimum. Good work organization saves time.

A recipe checklist with detailed recipe cards indicates exactly what activities are to be performed in the kitchen.

When the relevant recipes are done, mark them on the checklist of recipes and dishes, so you can see which dishes you can start packing already

Marking finished dishes provides information for subsequent departments about already possible bags for packaging. The solutions in the Caterings system will significantly increase the efficiency of your production process.

kitchen features
Caterings will help you reduce food cost and the cost of trays. How? Contact us and schedule a system demonstration.

packing room

Speed up packaging processes by several times

Caterings, thanks to the „Matrices” function and V1 or V2 packing codes, allow even such results as packing more than 1,000 bags in 2-3 hours. These are results impossible to achieve in competing systems with the same number of employees.

Whatever you would need, with Caterings you can put it on the label of the dish and bag according to all standards.

Before you start packing dishes, you can prepare the necessary number of containers which further shows what stage the packing process is at.

packing room features
Use state-of-the-art solutions to support logistics, from packing the bag to delivering it to the customer’s hands.


Very advanced logistics module

Whether you use a courier service, have your own logistics or operate hybrid, Caterings will provide you with solutions like no other system.

Automatically update zones, upload delivery lists, receive photos in the Caterings dashboard or even direct customer comments on deliveries via the customer dashboard. Caterings is the only system to provide such advanced solutions that significantly reduce the involvement of your BOK.

When giving their addresses, customers choose towns and streets from a predefined list, so there are no typos, which improves delivery efficiency and sales reporting.

If you have your own logistics, you can specify precisely, even down to the block level, where a zone ends and begins so that lists for your drivers are generated automatically. However, if you want to make changes then you can see all their addresses on one screen and make the appropriate modifications easily.

logistics features
Caterings is the new, higher standard of doing business. See how we can help you take your customer service to the next level.

customer service


Caterings is designed to make customers as self-service as possible, i.e., they can make all modifications and changes on their own without involving the BOK.

Caterings allows customers to modify their diet at will, including changing from a more expensive option to a less expensive one, or canceling a given diet day altogether (if the caterer allows this option). In either case, refunds will be made automatically in the form of piggy bank points.

Customer service is able to impersonate a customer and access his account seeing exactly the same thing as the customer.

customer service features
Stay one step ahead of the competition by always offering your customers state-of-the-art solutions.

customer experience

One system – many opportunities to stand out

Get new customers with an attractive order form, test days and various discounts. Earn their loyalty by offering a loyalty program, a super-convenient mobile app and many, many other options.

Customize your customer panel so that its design remains consistent with your company’s branding. Apply custom graphics, upload a banner, choose a background color and leading color, change fonts, manage the header and footer.

We don’t want to limit your earning potential, so we provide you with a full range of sales opportunities!

Express yourself and your brand with a thoughtful, effective communication strategy! With Caterings’ ability to personalize your brand, you can further differentiate yourself from the competition.

Caterings is here to help you at every stage of production, in every department, regardless of the number of brands or the size of your company!


Manage your business at an expert level

With the Caterings system, you will effectively manage multiple brands in one place. Every day we are working on more solutions that will make running your business even more efficient. Only at Caterings will you find features tailored perfectly to your business.

Do you have multiple brands? Now you can handle them all from 1 admin panel. No limit on user accounts!

Does your caterer employ many people? In the Caterings system you will give permissions to an unlimited number of employees, which you can configure and supervise at will.

The Caterings system will show you the exact amount of goods you need to order and the contractor from whom you will do it. All thanks to the upgraded contractor management function. You’ll send an email order in one go!

administration features
Caterings is getting better and better every day.
Z każdym dniem Caterings staje się coraz lepszy.

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