Customize your emails to your customers - type, content and appearance

In the Caterings system, you can freely design and personalize e-mail messages that are sent to customers. This applies to system messages such as creating an account, order confirmation, order status change and many others. Read more about it in Marketing automation.

Personalization applies to both the content and appearance, and what messages are to be sent to customers and which to the customer service office

  • customize the appearance of the email
  • manage content in messages
  • personalize communication with the client
  • keep your brand image consistent
  • define what messages are to be sent
  • decide what notifications you want to receive from the system
  • high delivery efficiency thanks to the integration of any mail system

How does it work?

The Caterings system includes messages such as:

  • create an account
  • confirmation of the diet order
  • confirmation of the order of an extras
  • order status change
  • password reminder
  • reminders about ending diet

Each of these messages can be freely configured in terms of appearance. In addition, you can configure which messages the client should receive and which shouldn’t be sent.