PayPo pays for purchases and your sales increase. Clients have 30 days to pay or use installments.

By choosing the Caterings system, you can offer your clients to pay off the order within 30 days, and after this date, in 4 convenient installments. It is possible thanks to integration with the ‘PayPo’ system. Thanks to it, your customers will be able to order a diet with deferred payment, but you will not feel it, because the money will be in your account up to two times a week!

  • order payment within 30 days at no cost
  • payment is spread over 4 installments
  • money paid twice a week
  • attractive commissions

How does it work?

PayPo, like other payment operators (tPay, PayU, BlueMedia, etc.), is a payment intermediary. During the payment process, the customer completes the application for a credit limit and immediately receives information on whether the operator agrees to pay for his purchases. The use of PayPo carries no credit risk for catering – catering receives money from the operator up to two times a week.

After selecting the PayPo payment method, the Customer will be redirected to the appropriate page. He will be asked to fill in some information, then PayPo will pay for the order. The customer will have 30 days to pay for the order to PayPo and, what is important, he does not incur any costs. And if he wants to, for an additional fee, he can spread this payment into 4 convenient installments.

Spreading the payment into installments is an important solution, especially for those customers who, for example, receive a salary in the middle of the month, and would like to start catering from the beginning or spend money on some more important issues at the moment. Many people give up catering just because you have to spend a large amount on it at once. PayPo integrated with our Caterings system completely eliminates this problem.