Caterings allows you to manage multiple brands from one place

With Caterings, you can create multiple brands and manage them all from one panel. Moreover, all reports, such as the shopping list, delivery report or kitchen reports, will contain orders from each brand. Nobody will have to combine different reports.

Caterings is probably the only system in which you can create many brands and still manage them all from one administration panel. You can create any number of brands with different offers, prices, looks, etc., and yet when it comes to food production, the kitchen will collectively receive how much it has to prepare, e.g. cucumber for all brands according to the complex number of orders, how many soups are to be cooked and how to pour it one by one, what to pack in appropriate bags per brand. Logistics will receive one report with routes for drivers – regardless of which brand the bag belongs to.

  • Each brand can have a different look
  • Each brand may have a different offer
  • Each brand can have different (or the same) employees
  • Orders from all brands are counted in total
  • Easily switch between brands
  • Joint or separate reports

How does it work?

Depending on your preferences. You can generate reports for individual brands or reports that show summary data from all brands.

The system is able to handle even a dozen brands and you will not experience a drop in speed. The number of supported brands is determined individually.

In the highly competitive diet catering industry, it is worth standing out and creating brands that will find their niche recipients. For example, a brand with only one type of kitchen (e.g. Japanese) or a brand dedicated to children. Caterings system allows you to do more.