Arrange the menu quickly and effectively taking care of its quality

When arranging the menu for the following days, you can use the dish search engine and use filters that show when the dish was last used or what ratings it has obtained so far.

In addition, you can use functions such as menu templates and automatic menu planning

  • convenient meal planning for every diet and variant
  • view of the ingredients and recipes of a dish
  • view of the last use of the dish
  • searching by tags

How does it work?

No. If the function is enabled, the scheduled menu will be automatically displayed on the selected subpage. Every person on the website has a preview of this menu (no need to create an account or log in)

Yes, customers, apart from the name of the dish, can see its macro ingredients and what allergens it has. Thanks to this, they can also change the dish to another if the basic menu does not meet their expectations.

Yes, you can add pictures for the kitchen as well as photos for customers. The photos of the dishes are then shown in the customer panel or their application.