Design your own loyalty program or use a template

One of the best results of the Caterings implementation is a significant reduction in customer maintenance costs. The loyalty program with points for various activities that can be exchanged for discounts on subsequent orders is a strong binding argument for customers and discourages them from changing catering.
  • Points for every money spent
  • points for creating an account
  • points for marketing consent
  • points for a successful referral
  • individual name of 'points'
  • reimbursement of points for changing the diet from more expensive to cheaper one
  • freedom in configuring the value of points
  • points for evaluating meals

How does it work?

Configure how many points the customer is going to receive for each PLN spent and how many points are needed to get 1 PLN discount. If the client changes the diet from more expensive to a cheaper one, you can decide how much percentage of the difference in costs he will receive back.

You can also indicate how many points are awarded for the creation of an account, and how many for marketing consent, and how many points for evaluating a single dish from the diet.

No. The loyalty program can be used fully, partially, or not at all. At the same time, each brand can use a different loyalty program.

It depends on your decision. Most often it is assumed that he can spend it on another order, reducing their value accordingly. However, you can also apply a different policy, e.g. redeeming points for rewards.

Yes. Customer service, through the administration panel, can manually add or subtract points. In this way, you can settle complaints, awards for the client or other events.