"Ok Google, order the diet with Caterings" - and the diet is ordered!

“OK Google, order a diet from [catering name]” With this simple phrase on the phone, your customers can order diets. It’s that easy!

The Google Assistant is a feature that has changed the face of using smartphones as it allows you to perform certain actions much faster using voice commands. With Caterings, your customers will be able to use an assistant to order a diet!

  • ordering a diet through the Google Assistant
  • handling payments for the diet
  • available on any Android phone

How does it work?

When the client says, for example, “OK Google” then the listening mode on the phone is activated. Then he must say the appropriate commend, such as ‘order a diet from [name of your catering]’. The assistant then asks additional questions about the order details. After completion, the order will be sent to the system. The customer receives automatic e-mail notifications, including payment.

Not at the moment, but we are working on this form. Currently, when the customer places an order, he receives a confirmation e-mail with a link to the payment. This confirms the order.

Caterings integration with the Google Assistant is an additional functionality beyond the standard scope of implementation. Integration costs are one-time fee.