Diet management center for your clients, unique client panel of your catering

Provide your customers with the Client Panel, thanks to which they will be able to fully manage their diet. This will reduce the amount of customer service work while improving customer satisfaction.

Importantly, when you receive a customer panel in Caterings – you get your unique panel. Customers will not find any other catering there (which is not so obvious in this industry). And the panel itself is called Your Catering. The functionalities of the customer panel are the same as the functions of mobile applications.

  • Change of delivery address
  • Possibility to order for several addresses
  • Postpone the delivery date
  • Changing the type of diet
  • Choice of meals for a given day (applies to the system version with menu selection)
  • Registration with google or facebook
  • Assessing meals and deliveries
  • Purchase of products for the diet (applies to the additives module)
  • Change to eco-friendly packaging
  • Downloading invoices directly from your account
  • History of orders


The catering system should offer its customers a fully independent customer panel and mobile application. In our Catering system, the panel and the application have your name and logo, rather than the marketplace or the name of the catering system.

Yes. Already in the standard version, you can change the dominant color, logo, banner, background in the order form, etc. With the Premium version, you can receive individually prepared customer panel creations.

The completion dates are always agreed with the client on an ongoing basis. However, the period for preparing the original version of the client panel is usually 2-4 weeks.

Yes. Customers can register and then log in using Facebook or Google. In addition, the standard option remains: via e-mail address.