Plan menus for all meals, all diets and all variants with one button.

The work of a dietitian in the Caterings system is like in a fairy tale … with one button the system will arrange the menu for all your diets. What’s more – it will do it fully intelligently, taking into account: exclusions on the diet, i.e. it will not select meat dishes in a veg diet, it will not add dishes that received low ratings in the past.

  • includes exclusions in diet
  • takes into account the last choices in the menu
  • takes into account the ratings the dish received
  • one-button access
  • will plan regardless of the number of diets
  • possible editing by a dietitian

How does it work?

Automatic menu planning is a revolution in the work of a dietitian. It significantly speeds up its work. Even if the menu is not planned as the dietitian would like it to be, the system lets him make changes. It’s easier than planing everything from scratch.

Yes. Meat dishes will not be planned for veg diets, etc. Parameters are defined in the system and on each diet.

Yes. The function is unlikely to completely replace a dietitian. Its aim is to significantly accelerate his work and make it easier.

Based on defined parameters, and randomly. One of the parameters for automatic scheduling is the ability to set various conditions, such as that a dish cannot be used within 20 days from today.

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