Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a 3-year warranty covering updates to the latest versions and any fixes.

The price depends on the selected system configuration and it is determined during a meeting with the client, adjusting the system to his needs.
The final cost consists of a monthly subscription of PLN 490 net and the initial fee and monthly turnover commission.
It’s possible to purchase a system:

  • with a high one-time fee (which can be financed in the form of leasing) and a commission up to 0.6% (including internet payments)
  • or a low one-time fee (from PLN 4,900 net) and higher monthly fees from turnover.

The final price depends on the system configuration and individual arrangements with the customer.

The costs of creating the Caterings system have so far amounted to almost PLN 2 million (September 2020). Creating your own system from scratch will be a difficult and costly task. If you are considering creating your own system, please contact us in advance – we can prepare solutions dedicated only to you. It will be much more effective than creating a system from scratch.

Usually 2-3 weeks, but it is possible on 2-3 intensive days.

You can easily move ingredients and customers. In Caterings, recipes and dishes must be prepared anew.
Starting work with Caterings can be done in two ways:

  • simultaneous operation on two systems (old and new) in such a way that new orders are handled by Caterings and old ones by the previous system. When the orders from the old will come to the end, you can start work fully on Caterings.
  • The second option is to create orders in Caterings, the same as they are active in the old system – this is a much better option because it limits the work of a dietitian, kitchen and the packing team but it requires intensive work in rewriting current orders.